LetzRent is an online rental aggregator cum comparison platform, where you can search according to their requirements, compare from well know brands and rent products across categories to avail rewards on bookings. Search what to Rent, compare deals from various service providers and confirm your bookings.

On confirmed booking get reward points, and redeem them on your next booking of any other category.

With a single KYC, rent across any category from any service provider.

Easily manage deposit funds and return dates extensions from a single app after booking.

Services Offered

  • Self Drive Cars on Rent
  • Chauffeur Driven Cars on Rent
  • Long Term car rental
  • Working Spaces
  • Co-Working Spaces
  • Co-Living Spaces
  • Furniture on Rent
  • Aircraft Joyrides
  • Apparel on Rent
  • Appliances on Rent
  • Rent from the Best of Brands
    Letzrent is an online rental aggregator cum comparison platform where you can fulfil all your rental needs from trustworthy and reliable service providers. Starting from a hatchback to a Limousine or even a private jet for a few hours can be rented on Letzrent Today’s youth believes in growth and flexibility. They prefer not to stick to a particular spot, but to explore all the opportunities available around them and to grow. Spending money on buying cars and houses is a huge investment, but the question is if all this effort and investment is worth it. Indian households conventionally believe in the owning of cars and houses as status symbols. Even today some people’s ultimate goal in life is to have a car, house and family. Many people in metro cities prefer to not use their own cars except on weekend and still have to spend on it's EMI, insurance, maintenance and repairs. We all would like to have premium furniture for our houses but postpone plans waiting to first buy a house and then spend money on furniture. The concept of co-living space may still sound new and inappropriate to some. Once a person starts earning and planning his finances and future, it is important for him to think logically and rationally. Critically analysing according to future plans and then making important decisions is the key to a successful life. Today’s Youth prefers to move in the direction which leads to growth. Settlement isn’t what they plan for, thus flexibility is important in their lives. During such stages, spending all of their savings and burdening with loans and EMIs instead of focusing on building a career may not be the smartest of decisions. This generation differs from their parents’ and their ultimate goals and ambitions from life are very different. They want to earn enough to do all that makes them happy, like travelling, adventures or pursuing some hobby. Renting houses and even cars could be a very rational option in addition to its being cost-efficient, it provides absolute flexibility and convenience. One can keep changing according to their needs, budget or transfers and similarly opt for rental products accordingly. Buying things may reduce flexibility, invite responsibilities and requires time and maintenance while renting even after having some pitfalls is easier and more convenient. We at LetzRent understand the importance and benefits of renting especially for today’s generation and understand their idea of not being ready to compromise on standard of living or quality. Why spend all your hard-earned and get in debt for the rest of your life when you can afford to rent a luxurious apartment instead. LetzRent provides a one-stop solution for several rental needs. We provide a variety of options to choose from under one roof and convenience at your doorstep. The Indian consumer has the tendency to check out as many available options as possible and then decide for him/herself. Which is definitely the correct approach, and keeping this approach in mind LetzRent provides varieties of options to choose from and provides you with the best and trustworthy brands and quality products. Scrolling through various apps, websites, checking which of them is trustworthy and then submitting documents to get your KYC done could be a hassle-full job. letzRent got your needs covered. Get your KYC done once, and choose to rent from different options every time or the same one if you prefer to. You don’t have to waste time checking multiple platforms surfing everywhere and then stress comparing prices from different websites. LetzRent is a customer-oriented company and thus aims to provide comfort to its customers at all costs. The prime aim is thus to understand customers’ needs and requirements and discard their problems in all ways possible. We wish to deliver the best to our customers and understanding the aims and aspirations of today’s generation we understand the importance of renting and thus encourage it. All your rental needs are one step away, download the Letzrent app and get answers to all your rental needs.