As per Zillow, millennials as a generation shift houses more frequently than past generations. This amounts to Millenials spending lesser time periods in each housing unit, frequently shifting locations as their jobs take them to new cities!

It can be extremely difficult to shift one’s furniture every time one changes homes, and many may resort to selling their furniture at throwaway prices. Thus, consumers are increasingly turning towards furniture rental for it offers convenience, helps save on time and energy. Add to the convenience that furniture rental brings, the affordability that rental of furniture offers and it is not surprising that more and more consumers are choosing to rent their furniture.

Are you a consumer looking for convenience and affordability in the way you procure furniture; but unsure how to navigate the world of furniture rental? Look no further, for we at LetzRent, have put together 10 tips on furniture rental.

  1. Be Certain of What You Need:

There may be certain factors that can make or break the deal for you. For instance: you may need the furniture to be delivered by a certain date, which may not be possible for all the items you desire to rent. Such deal breakers could be pre-decided upon and kept in mind while filtering your search for furniture, so as to ensure you end up with the furniture that is the right fit for you and your home.

2. Go through a trusted service company:

When it comes to ordering anything online — for purchase or rental; quality matters. However, this is, even more, the case for furniture that you will come home to every single day, 365 days of the year(or however long you chose to rent it for)! Hence, we suggest that you select furniture for rental from a trusted service provider like Furlenco, which offers quality products at reasonable prices.

3. Keep in mind your individual tastes and preferences:

Your furniture could turn your house into a home, and be a source of endless comfort for you. So take some time to invest in deciding what pieces of furniture truly represent your unique style.

4. Measure before you add to cart!

It is important to keep in mind the dimensions of rooms for which you are ordering furniture. While it may seem enough to visually imagine how much space the furniture piece will take up in your home, we would recommend actually using a measuring tape to map out the space the furniture would occupy in the room. This can help ensure maximum accuracy.

5. Material matters:

It may seem obvious, but we cannot stress enough on how important it is to ensure the materials you are opting for is what you actually envision your furniture to be made of. To be sure of the material you are opting for, read the descriptions or text underneath the pictures carefully. Pictures may be misleading when it comes to materials the furniture is made of! Further, if you desire a very specific material only, enter that in the search bar of the service provider’s website as a keyword to obtain the best possible results and maximize your satisfaction.

6. Opt for Combos and Packages:

Many top service providers for furniture rental, like Furlenco offer packages that provide you the same items at a lower cost if procured as a combination! By opting for such combos/packages you can minimize your own costs and maximize your savings.

7. Be sure of the rental period you are selecting:

You may have the option to rent for as little as a month or a longer lease that spans across months and may even last a year. Note, that these longer leases may actually be more cost-effective if you are indeed going to be at the same accommodation for an extended period of time.

8. Keep in mind, the expiration date of your lease:

As your lease expires, you may be faced with the choice of renewing it or giving up your rented furniture. Please do keep in mind that if you chose to not renew your lease, the rental company may require a few days notice to come and collect it. Do make sure, to ask about this beforehand to make your own experience as seamless as possible. You can also enquire if there would be any charges associated with the return of rental furniture once your lease comes to an end.

9. Prioritize health and safety:

Given the COVID-19 Pandemic, there is a newfound emphasis on safety and health. Opt for a service provider that emphasizes on your well being, by ensuring sanitization of furniture and also ensures hygienic delivery plus pick up.

10. Go through an aggregator:

Aggregators match customers to the service providers best suited for their needs. By going through an aggregator, you can be assured of the best deals without compromising on quality! Go through an aggregator like LetzRent, since aggregators offer a wide choice, competitive pricing, and maximize convenience.