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India is one of the largest flexible workplace markets in the world, second only to China. Over 1,000 co-working spaces span across the length and breadth of our country.

Co-working spaces are gaining prominence across the country. This is not surprising given the flexibility and convenience they offer, and the boost they can provide to creativity via collaborative working. Additionally, co-working has been linked to improvement in worker productivity, with research illustrating that 74% of workers reporting that they feel more “productive” engaging in a co-working space as compared to a traditional cubicle culture.

But in order to tap into the advantages conferred by co-working spaces, it becomes important to choose the right co-working space in the first place. This may seem like a daunting task, but we at LetzRent are happy to help you out pick the perfect co-working space for your needs.

Here are 10 tips on how to choose the perfect co-working space!

  1. Consider the proximity of the co-working space to your home:

By choosing a co-working space in the vicinity of your home, you can minimize costs. Moreover, these days especially, time is money! And choosing a co-working space close to your home can help you save on a lot of time. A larger distance to your workplace means a longer commute time and has been linked to feeling drained, working fewer hours in the day, poorer quality health, and even disturbed sleep patterns. So to maximize your overall well being, it is advisable to choose a co-working space close to your home.

2. Ensure that your co-working is well connected to transport services:

If your co-working space is well connected to the rest of the city via easy access to public transport systems like the Metro services, Ola/Uber, or other ride-hailing applications, your comfort can be maximized. Moreover, take into account the transport access your co-living space offers to clients who may want to visit this space for meetings and/or discussions.

3. Amenities matter:

The general practice is for co-working spaces to come equipped with standard office equipment. However, it is important to enquire about any additional or special amenities the particular space you are considering is equipped with.

4. Be sure of what is included in the cost:

Does the cost quoted include access to facilities like printing services and meeting rooms? What about access to kitchen facilities and lounges? To pick the co-living space that offers the maximum advantages to you, be sure of what is included in the cost.

5. Match the atmosphere with your unique aesthetics:

Varying co-working spaces may offer different vibes. It is important to take a minute to think about what aesthetic is most conducive to your productivity and try and find a space that reflects such an aesthetic in the environment. It is a well established finding that temperature, lighting, and noise are factors that can affect the productivity of your work. Thus, choose a co-working space where there is moderate temperature, adequate but not jarring lighting, and temperature control.

6. Gauge the amount of flexibility offered by the space:

In recent times, as of 2018, studies have shown that 40% of respondents feel it is very important that their workplace is flexible. If you consider yourself part of this large proportion of workers who value flexibility, we would recommend gauging whether your co-working space would allow you to switch around desks regularly or whether you’d be assigned a particular desk to work upon for the duration of your lease.

7. Consider privacy possibilities:

While the essence of the co-working space is to work in collaboration with others, at times you may feel the need for privacy when dealing with sensitive information and/or confidential data. If you anticipate future work of this nature, do discuss with your service provider if there are any facilities within the co-working space that can enable you to work effectively while maintaining privacy.

8. Go through an aggregator:

Aggregators match customers to the service providers best suited for their needs. By going through an aggregator, you can be assured of the best deals without compromising on quality! Aggregators like LetzRent, offer a wide choice, competitive pricing, and maximize convenience.

9. Safety considerations to keep in mind:

We are living amongst a pandemic of monumental proportions. It has been anticipated that as an aftereffect of COVID-19 all workplaces, including co-working spaces will be transformed to incorporate social distancing as well as other safety measures. For instance, newer air conditioning systems may be installed to minimize the risk of airborne viruses transmitting. At Letz Rent, your health and safety matters to us and so we recommend choosing a co-working space that has integrated health and safety features.

10. Visit and see, before finalizing:

Before you freeze in on any place and sign any contracts, do make sure to visit the rental unit and confirm that it has all the amenities and facilities you desire. Moreover, certain features of the space that may not have come to your mind before, may seem important when you visit the unit in person and see the effect these features have on the space. An example of such a feature is the amount of ventilation offered in the space, which may significantly impact your productivity in the space.